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Developed specifically for West Coast growers at the Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport, Oregon, our oysters are from the MBP genetic line. Grown at Whiskey Creek Shellfish Hatchery on Netarts Bay, the larvae is sent to Kona, Hawaii, or Lopez Island, Washington, to be set on micro cultch before being brought back to our upweller on neighboring Tillamook Bay. After the oysters reach about 6mm, they are planted in bags as single oysters in their original Netarts Bay where they grow to size before being hand-picked and selected for shape and size. Distribution is arranged to secure that distributors receive our oysters as quickly as possible – usually within a day of harvest.

Oyster critics around the world value the flavor, texture and lingering fresh finish of Netarts Bay Oysters.

Netarts Bay, a small bay on the Northern Oregon Coast, would be more accurately described as a salt water inlet due to its utter lack of rivers and single creek, Whiskey Creek, that feeds it. This ensures that the water in the bay remains clean even during Oregon Coast’s frequent rainfall. Relatively shallow, Netarts Bay completely replenishes its water every few tides providing a high-salinity and fresh ocean water environment where oysters can grow slowly and retain a clean, salty flavor.

Indigenous to Netarts Bay, small Olympia oysters were depleted during the late 1800s when the demand for fresh oysters in California created a type of “gold rush” for the small delicacy. It wasn’t until the introduction of Crassostrea Gigas (Pacific Oysters) to the West Coast of the United States when oysters were grown again in Netarts Bay.

Netarts Bay Oyster Company: Same ownership since 1995.

Netarts Bay Oyster Company operates on 66 acres of ground leased from the State of Oregon, and is continuously striving to improve it’s methods of cultivation to produce a consistently superior product using environmentally sound practices.


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